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Remote DVR



Remote DVR (RDVR) gives you the capability to records programs when you are away from the DVR box. You will be able to record or cancel a program, provided you have an internet connection to login to the RDVR website.


CLICK HERE to access Mid-Plains Remote DVR. You can also favorite the link for quicker access.


Assigning a User Name and Password

  1. Go to the DVR box and press MENU on the remote control.
  2. Scroll over to the Applications Tab and then select Remote DVR.
  3. Create a Username and Password for your account and then hit SAVE.

(if you happen to forget your username, select Get user and your username will show up.

Logging into Remote DVR Website

  1. Access Mid-Plains Remote DVR website.
  2. Once there, login with the same username and password that you set up on the DVR.

(it may take some time logging in the first time, and you may need to login in twice.)

  1. Once your logged in, you can view what programs are currently showing, view your upcoming recording, view what you recorded, search for TV programs, and record and cancel TV programs.
  2. Once done, make sure to logout of the remote DVR website.

How to Record or Cancel Programs using Remote DVR

  1. Once logged into the remote DVR website, you can record or cancel a TV program. Find the program either by using the search feature or typing in the channel name or number.
  2. Find the program with its time frame and select the title of the TV program.
  3. You can record the program, or record the series. A blue clock will appear beside the TV program indicating that the program will be recorded.
  4. To cancel a recording click on the program and click cancel recording. It will confirm if you want to cancel the recording, click Yes. The blue clock will disappear.
  5. Once done, make sure to logout of the remote DVR website.

            You can go to My Schedule and My Recordings to cancel or make any modifications on programs that you have saved or that are to be recorded in the upcoming future.

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