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Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. - Tulia, Texas

There was a good feeling in rural America in 1949. World War II hade been over for about four years and all the war-time shortages had ended and the country entered into a period of prosperity. About this time, the Rural Electrification Administration announced that loans would be available to establish cooperatives for the purpose of providing telephone service to farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents who did not have telephone service and to assist small privately owned companies to improve their service.

Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. was organized on Monday, January 23, 1950 in the auditorium of Tulia High School in Tulia, Texas. There were approximately 500 people in attendance and twelve men were elected to serve on the original Board of Directors.

In 1950, many of the people living on the farms and ranches in the Mid-Plains area did not believe that telephone service was needed and there was an enormous task in the early months to educate potential members and to generate sufficient interest in telephone service to start the Cooperative. The charter for Mid-Plains was signed on October 30, 1950 after months of hard work, careful preparation and coordination with the Rural Electrification Administration.

The original exchange for Mid-Plains was for the City of Kress, Texas and was placed into service on July 15, 1952, with 105 subscribers. By 1958, Mid-Plains had added the Bean, Cleta, Elkins, Goodnight, Gurley, Redmon, and Umbarger exchanges and was operating on open wire with eight-party service.

In the mid-seventies, Mid-Plains was able to obtain financing to replace the aerial plant with buried cable and by 1978 party-line service was replaced with single party service. At this time, the Vigo Park exchange was separated from Elkins.

The new buried cable and step-by step switches served very well for several years until tremendous changes in technology made digital switches more practical and affordable for small companies like Mid-Plains. In 1988, the Cooperative began a two phase project of replacing the step switches with new Northern Telecom DMS 10 switches and remotes. By 1991, Mid-Plains had completed the digital switch conversion projects and turned its attention to the installation of fiber optic cable.

In 1996, Mid-Plains purchased the Silverton exchange from GTE and replaced the switching equipment and parts of the aerial cable. This acquisition added 425 access lines and brought the Silverton subscribers into the Cooperative as full members.

In July 2013, Mid-Plains launched it's state of the art IPTV Service. Powered by Mid-Plains fiber-optic network, the Television service is a one-of-a-kind in its serving area. IPTV delivers content via IP technology, that enables two-way interactivity for a more customizable and consistent TV viewing experience. Our TV lineup can be viewed on our website that offers robust packages for everyone's viewing needs.

In November 1, 2018, Mid-Plains named Andrew Vargas as new Chief Executive Officer/General Manager for Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc., taking over for the retiring LaTonda Stout, who served the Cooperative the past 34 years.

Mid-Plains now serves ten exchanges, close to 2,700 access lines and covers 3,769 square miles. Fiber optic cable has been installed to improve service and to connect the Cooperative’s exchanges where possible.

The nine member Board of Directors and twenty-five employees of Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. are very involved with their respective families and communities and constantly strive to provide high quality telecommunications services with the latest in technology and entertainment.

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